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14th April 2010 - Youtube ringtone converter working again
Youtube changed some stuff on their site and our PHP youtube video downloader was broken, but it's working now again for the timebeing. Get those ringtones!

22nd November 2009 - Youtube ringtone converter back working!
The convert from uploaded MP3 and convert Youtube video to MP3 ringtone feature were down for the last month as this server's harddrive was full up. But I ordered a new 1tb drive, moved the database over there so it should be good for another while unless we experience huge growth. Both features work from my end now, hit is up if you find any problems.

8th March 2009 - Create a ringtone from a Youtube video
You can now create ringtones from youtube video and edit the audio to fit your needs. You need to register for an account first though, which is quick and free.

23rd July 2007 - Fixed 404 errors... finally!
Finally figured out why loads of people were getting 404 errors on the site. I kept checking the site on my Firefox browser and forget it might be a problem with Internet Explorer. Turns out the PHP error messages on the site before the html tag were breaking the base tag on IE. Fixed now.

11th July 2007 - Added WAV ringtones
In the process of converting all the ringtones to PCM WAV format, over half doneas of now available on the WWW and WAP site. I understand some phones can only take WAV. Email me if they don't work for your phone. Email me if you have any problems with the site. Thanks.

8th June 2007 - Problems with the site
Regular users may notice serious problems with the site lately, pages being blank and stuff. I've had a look at the problem and am pretty stumped, no error messages or anything in the logs. I'm also on holiday in the US so not getting that much time to fix it. Meanwhile, visit Irishluck for some great bonus games.

13th March 2007 - Calling US users with Nextel phones
Want to make $50? Any US users out there who own a nextel phone and want free ringtones AND $50 through PayPal, get in touch! I want to make sure nextel users can get the rintones for free off this site and want to do a lot of testing. I'd just IM or email a few questions and things to do every now and then and you'd tell me if it worked.

3rd March 2007 - Changed server and added MP3 ringtones
Switched servers to the Planet after reports from users of slow connections to the last one. It's on a 100MBps link now so should be grand. Also added about 500 MP3 ringtones. And closed the forum because the spammers were the only ones using it!

6th November 2006 - New forum and added MP3 Ringtones
I decided to start a ringtones forum, it's pretty bare now but hopefully it'll grow. Post any requests you have there or problems with the site. I also added about 5000 MP3 ringtones I found browsing the web. Enjoy!

30th October 2006 - Win a Nextel data cable
We're giving away one free Nextel data cable a week starting from next week. All you have to do is link to us on your MySpace page.

19th July 2006 - Added free polyphonic ringtones
Over 100 added. MP3 ringtone update coming soon...

19th July 2006 - Free MP3 to AMR Ringtone Converter
Test this out and see if it works. MP3 to AMR Converter

8th July 206 - Free AMR ringtones online now
You can now download free AMR ringtones off our site through the WAP site. Just select MP3 ringtone and select the AMR option.

7th July 2006 - AMR and WAV ringtones coming soon
I've successfully implemented a ringtone converter that takes one of the MP3 ringtones on the site and converts it into WAV and AMR format. I know that most Nokias take AMR including my own phone. And I'm pretty sure a lot of Nextel phones only take WAV so this should mean those phone owners can use the site. As far as I know there's no online MP3/WAV/AMR ringtone converter available. I'm still testing it to see if it will be too much of a burden on the server but I should have it sorted out by the end of next week.

3rd July 2006 - Ringtones directly downloadable
I seem to do all updates on a monthly basis, I just noticed. Anyway, I'm allowing polyphonic and MP3 ringtones to be downloaded directly from the site as requested. I'm leaving it on for a trial basis, hopefully the bandwidth hits won't be too big.

4th June 2006 - myWAP feature added
Check out the new myWAP area of the site where you create an account and can upload your own ringtones, wallpapers and stuff to your own WAP page. It's still in development so check it out.

3rd May 2006 - MP3 Ringtones Update
Just added over 500 MP3 ringtones that I found while browsing the net. That brings the current total to 721. I'll be adding more as I get them so keep coming back. And thanks to all the US visitors that contacted me as requested, there was a grand total of zero! Coming soon to the site is an extensive support/FAQ section and a facility where you setup your own WAP page and stick whatever you want up there, like ringtones and wallpapers.

Attention all US visitors on Cingular, Verizon or Sprint Nextel network
Can you download free ringtones off this site through the WAP site? I don't have a clue how ringtones work on American networks and would really appreciate if any American users contacted me so I could ask them a few questions and test a few things. Thanks.

Well, I've finally got the HTML site up and running after all this time so you can get all your free ringtones. The WAP site's been going for a while at http://wap.free-ringtones.ie/. You can get everything you want from the WAP but I suppose it's cheaper if you get the direct link off this site first.